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How much will the next slip fall cost you ? - CLEAN UP SPILLS WITH EASE


  • Respond to spills faster
  • Clean and dry the floor in one application
  • Reduce cross contamination
  • Reduce labour costs up to 60%
  • Provide proper duty of care

Zorbe Indoor Liquid Spill Absorbent

  • Lightweight natural absorbent
  • Instantly immobilizes liquid and semiliquid spills
  • Spills can be swept away leaving surfaces dry and clean
  • A Pubs best companion

SI Indoor waterless spill clean-up technology can reduce the risk of slip fall injury. It will immediately immobilise and solidify liquid spills that can then be swept up leaving a clean and dry surface.

It will work on liquids, semi-liquids and moist solids making it a must in high traffic areas where food and drinks are sold.

The unique characteristic of the natural material is that it can wick liquids into itself by capillary attraction. SI Indoor is harmless when used as directed and is non-toxic and nonhazardous to humans and animals.

SI Indoor can save time and money (estimated to be up to 60%) over traditional wet cleaning methods.

Environmentally, SI Indoor will stop many spills leaching or being washed into drains as absorbed spills can be disposed in normal waste.

SI Indoor is suitable for spills such as:
Liquid: wine, soft drinks, juice, milk, oil, detergent, Blood
Semi Liquid: sauces, thick shakes, ice cream, yoghurt, Vomit
Viscous: honey, peanut butter, eggs, jam
Industrial: fuels, lubricants, grease, paint
Hazardous: mild chemicals and corrosives, Body fluids


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